Cheery Blossom Season!

Hello and Happy Deep Thoughts Thursday! Although today is drab and dreary, I’m feeling all sorts of cheery, as we have hit the peak of cherry blossom season here in the DC area! The blossoms decided to pop a little early this year due to the extra sunshine and warm weather that we’ve had during … Continue reading

Celebrating 10 Years of Elyse

(NOTE: This post is also available in audio form as a podcast – I often have to remind myself of how lucky I truly am. It’s so easy to get swept up in the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year cycle. And before you know it, the years-to-years have become decades. In that time, so many … Continue reading

Kneading our Way Back to Simpler Times

Real Jazz on in the background, a hot tea keeping me hydrated and satiated off to the side and months of self-imposed stress and anxiety ready to make their way into the foreground. I wrote the last blog post while sitting in my in-laws’ kitchen just days before January dawned, blinked twice and now here … Continue reading

From Buttersees to Butterflies – Part 1

For a good majority of her brief lifespan, Clara has had a love affair with butterflies. If it’s covered in butterflies, she’ll wear it, eat with it or just love the life out of it. Bonus points if it’s also purple. Butterflies adorn her jammies, everyday clothes, bedroom walls, and flatwear. She owns a giant stuffed butterfly and … Continue reading