Celebrating 10 Years of Elyse

(NOTE: This post is also available in audio form as a podcast – https://anchor.fm/deepthoughtthursdays/embed/episodes/Celebrating-10-Years-of-Elyse-e1es998) I often have to remind myself of how lucky I truly am. It’s so easy to get swept up in the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year cycle. And before you know it, the years-to-years have become decades. In that time, so many … Continue reading

Kneading our Way Back to Simpler Times

Real Jazz on in the background, a hot tea keeping me hydrated and satiated off to the side and months of self-imposed stress and anxiety ready to make their way into the foreground. I wrote the last blog post while sitting in my in-laws’ kitchen just days before January dawned, blinked twice and now here … Continue reading

Celebration Season

Celebration season is upon us and it’s no-holds-barred here in the Henshall household. This month alone, I have three showers — both of the baby and bridal varietal– to attend. I’ve also had a hand in planning two out of the three, so my creative cravings have definitely been satisfied. That’s probably why I am at … Continue reading

Lesson Learned from Month Nine of Parenting Two: Nary a Sick Day One Taketh

It all started with an annoying sore throat on Tuesday. I immediately dismissed it as a result of being overtired, as Elyse, our now nine-month old, has been working overtime in the must-wake-up-every-night-one-if-not-two-times department for the last four weeks. When Wednesday morning dawned and the aching in my throat was still there, again, I tried to ignore it But, … Continue reading