Catching up on Days 4-9

Thankfully, I’ve given myself some grace when it comes to catching up on my daily affirmations and reflections. I’m currently in-between getting Clara off the bus and waiting to pick Elyse up from her after-school activity and have decided that now would be the perfect time to play a little catch up. So, here we go. Without furtIMG_20200305_164722her adieu, here’s how the last six days of affirmations wrapped up:

Day 4 (Saturday, February 29th): I AM Adaptable. “I accept changes and can adjust to any situation.” Saturday was a day filled with activities, appointments and a birthday party. It was one of those go-go-go days — not my favorite way to spend a Saturday. However, even though I would have preferred a quiet day of lounging around in sweats with coffee cup in-hand, I’ve had to learn to adapt my needs and wants to those who depend on me most. So, I put on my best smile, strapped the kiddos in the car and tackled our To Do List. At the end of the day, I was tired, but felt satisfied knowing that everyone was happy with how the day played out. I could have used an extra piece of chocolate (Note: I’m now on day 8 of my choco-fast) that day!

Day 5 (Sunday, March 1st): I AM Successful. “I accomplish everything I set my mind to.” I haven’t really talked much about our big bread experiment these last couple of weeks. In all honesty, I’ve been working on perfecting Paul Hollywood’s Basic Bread recipe and didn’t feel right moving onto the second recipe of his 100 Great Breads cookbook until I had mastered the basic loaf. I’ve now attempted the basic loaf three times (each time having learned SO much from the process) and am proud to say that my most successful attempt was baked this past Sunday. Although still a bit too doughy for the girls (and probably for Paul himself), Taylor declared the bread delicious and my best one, yet. I’m thinking of trying it one more time this weekend before moving onto the wheat bread recipe. Dough-covered fingers-crossed!IMG_20200301_190025

Day 6 (Monday, March 2nd): I AM Fulfilled. “I feel content and abundant in my life right now.” Although this isn’t the case everyday, I did feel fulfilled as I began another busy week on Monday. Does anyone else feel a great sense of fulfillment once they get their kids on the bus in the morning or is it just me? By the time my girls get on the bus, I’ve usually been up for almost three hours, have gotten in a quick pre-workout breakfast, a sweaty hour at the barre, and the girls fed and ready for another day at school. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting down at my computer after a busy few early morning hours and savoring my coffee all by myself. That’s true fulfillment in my book. And speaking of books, I’m happy to announce that my first book is currently in the very beginning stages of being written! More on that to come…

Day 7 (Tuesday, March 3rd): I AM Strong. “My physical and intellectual powers are my greatest resources.” Tuesdays are usually lower body/leg workout days for me, and this Tuesday I was feeling particularly strong, as I challenged myself to go one-inch lower on my barre moves and to up my weights in an attempt to prepare for up-leveling in my second round of Barre Blend, which officially begins on Monday. The extra hour of sleep that I was able to catch, thanks to no school on Election Day, also helped boost my perception of my physical and mental strength that day. Win-win!

Day 8 (Wednesday, March 4th): I AM Free. “I release my attachments and liberate my spirit.” I spent almost two hours in the car yesterday driving back and forth to my rheumatologist’s office for my six-month follow-up appointment. And as I drove, I began recording the beginning stages of my book. After spending a lot of time thinking about what I want my first book to focus on, I believe that I have (finally) zeroed in on a topic. While safely maneuvering my way through the early-afternoon traffic, I recorded almost 120 minutes of plans, thoughts and actions for setting my book writing project in motion. I feel as if a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders for multiple reasons. It’s so freeing knowing that I have a direction for the biggest writing project that I’ve embarked on since writing my Master’s Thesis (Examination of the Relationship Between Viewing Disney’s Father-Daughter Dyads and Young Women’s Rebelliousness, Selfishness and Control) back in 2004. Now, I just need to figure out how to get the transcription program to work…

Day 9 (Thursday, March 5th): I AM Forgiving. “I carry no resentment through life, only love.” As mentioned above, after having my big “a-ha” moment in the car while driving to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I feel such a sense of freedom and relief. My book is going to dive more deeply into why I’ve felt so restrained for the majority of my life and, at the same time, will allow me the freedom to forgive myself for having created such a restrictive lifestyle. Things will become more clear to you, dear readers, as I begin writing the book and figuring out how to weave over 30 years worth of experiences and emotions into a digestible manuscript.

As I’ve now rambled on long enough, it’s time to wrap-up almost a week’s worth of daily affirmations before it’s time to get dinner on the table. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read through my daily musings, as these exercises are really going to be crucial for me in the coming months. I’m so excited to get started on my book, as I finally feel that the time is right. Not only is writing a book one of the few items on my short bucket list, but it is also about a topic that’s been weighing on me for far too long. Stay tuned for more details as I move into the next stages of planning! Happy Thursday, friends!


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