Day 3: Today, I AM…

Thriving! “I reap the benefits of a life spent in health, joy and contribution.” Happy Thrive-Day, friends! Just a quickie post to keep myself honest and on-task. Per the usual, it’s been a day of catching up and trying to get ahead of the game a bit as we head into the weekend. I started … Continue reading

Giving within, not Giving up

Author’s Note: The purpose of this entry is not to discuss religion or religious beliefs. Its sole intent is to engage in a dialogue about the relationship between behavior and the current state of affairs in this particular author’s life and was inspired by a dear friend’s Facebook query. Thanks for the inspiration, B. 🙂 … Continue reading

Kneading our Way Back to Simpler Times

Real Jazz on in the background, a hot tea keeping me hydrated and satiated off to the side and months of self-imposed stress and anxiety ready to make their way into the foreground. I wrote the last blog post while sitting in my in-laws’ kitchen just days before January dawned, blinked twice and now here … Continue reading