Revamped 2020 Fitness Plan

Now that Christmas is over, fitness-driven visions of 2020 have been dancing in my head. Actually, they have been waltzing around in my brain for quite some time, but with less than two days left of 2019, they have picked up more into swing mode. As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t been feeling well these last few months. I think that I’ve finally reached a point where my body has had enough of my bodybuilding, marathon-running aspirations and needs a break from the sheer amount of physical stress that it has been under for the past several years. I am currently in the process of examining exactly why I felt the need to continue to push my body so hard, but I definitely reached my breaking point – both mentally and physically – this past fall. Currently, I have no desire to lift really heavy weights or run countless miles. A three-mile or four-mile run coupled with a low-impact barre or strength workout is my sweet spot and I’m not upset about it in the least.

Me with short hair

Like food, my body craves exercise, even when it’s not feeling 100%. So, while I wasn’t in the mood to curl heavy dumbbells, I still wanted to do some weight-bearing activity and to maintain my current level of strength and muscle mass. Hence, I went back to my roots – back to a fitness trainer who gave me mental and physical strength after my two pregnancy losses, kept me strong and flexible while I carried both Clara and Elyse in-utero and helped me slide back into my skinny jeans post-pregnancies. Like a long-lost friend, Lindsay Brin and Moms Into Fitness welcomed me back with open arms, no questions asked, when I decided to recommit myself to the MIF community about two months ago.


Right before Thanksgiving, I began one of Lindsay’s newest programs, Pretty Fierce Sports & Movement, as a way to transition my mind and body from a place of dread to one of excitement. The truth is, I have not been looking forward to my workouts for a long time. I should have taken this as a sign of overtraining and increased inflammation, but in true Type-A style, kept pushing forward. And since I had been working out rather intensely for the last few years, I wanted a program that would challenge me, yet enable me to focus more on the mind-muscle connection, something that has really helped me to control the intensity of my workouts, as well as impact that each exercise has on my body. Shamefully, I admit that my joints and muscles have not been happy with me for quite some time, but I chose to ignore their warnings. Back in August, I developed tendonitis after a 17-mile marathon training run, have been experiencing pain in my left knee for some time, feel overall aches and pains on the daily and after years of reading about other’s issues with the dreaded Achilles tendon issues, can now empathize with those poor souls. My right heel just isn’t having it and failed me on my recent attempt at a three-mile run.


After spending the last eight weeks using a combination of Lindsay’s Pretty Fierce routines along with a variety of barre workouts, I feel so much better! Not only have my physical symptoms improved, but my mood and energy levels are recovering. I look forward to getting up and working out again (yeah!) and can’t wait to see how my body continues to react to this new, less intense way of training. That said, I’m embarking on a new project for 2020 – one that will combine my desire for writing with my passion for movement. With Lindsay and her Moms Into Fitness workouts as my guides, I’m going to devise a training program that incorporates Moms Into Fitness workouts along with barre for a total-body, low-impact, fat-burning, mood-enhancing, anti-inflammatory year of fun (say that three times fast!). I’m still ironing out of the details (and have contacted Lindsay for her input), but know that I will be starting this year-long program on January 6th when Moms Into Fitness launches their new Boot Camp Program. I’ll be documenting my year-long journey with photos, reviews, anecdotes, physical and mental health updates, etc.

So, whether you suffer from autoimmune issues, are looking for a low-impact way to tone your body and burn fat, or are just craving a change to your current fitness routine, stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll be at the barre enjoying the freedom of working out with a shorter new hairdo. 😊

Me with short hair 2
Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, my friends!

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