I’ve been hiding…

Dear Friends Near and Far,

As it is in my nature to begin most of my emails and occasional handwritten notes, I hope that all is well with you and that you’ve been enjoying the holiday season so far! How is it December 20th already? I honestly can’t believe that it’s that time of year again. I often joke that as soon as I’ve gotten over the stress of the previous holiday season, it starts right back up again. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who feels this way… But, here I sit (again) among piles of yet-to-be wrapped gifts, half-packed luggage and a Holiday To Do List of crafts, cookies and projects that I will half-hardheartedly attempt, but more than likely won’t come close to completing. Welcome to The 2019 Holiday Season!

As it’s been a minute (well, actually several thousand) since I posted anything to Facebook or Instagram, I felt it was time to come out of hiding. Yes, hiding. I’ve finally realized that I’ve been purposely keeping myself out of social media (though, I do regularly visit other’s social media pages on the daily) for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest is that I haven’t been feeling like myself – physically or emotionally — for the past few months. I should have known better and recognized my symptoms earlier (the tendonitis, sore joints, muscle aches and pains that pulled me from my marathon training, as well as the general sense of malaise, fatigue and exhaustion that prevented me from enjoying those things that normally bring me joy). And, after several tests, doctor’s appointments and much soul-searching, I’ve decided to make some changes to my lifestyle in an attempt to heal myself and alleviate some of those symptoms that threaten to come back when life becomes too busy and overwhelming once again.

I will definitely be writing more about what’s transpired and the changes that I’ve decided to make in the coming months, as I don’t want to make this inaugural post too lengthy (who really has the time to read me blathering on about my aches and pains right now?) at the moment. However, I do want to note that in the spirit of the holiday season, and in fitting with the “coming-out-of hiding” vibe that I’m hoping this post imbibes, I decided to cut 13 inches off of my hair two weeks ago and donate it to Children with Hair Loss. I will be reflecting more on this major change to my appearance (I’ve had such long hair for so long!) in the coming weeks, but wanted to leave you with a few before and after photos as I know those are the most interesting part of any big hair transformation.

Hair 2

Hair 6Hair 5Hair 4Hair3Hair 1

Part of my transformative process (and my 2020 Resolution, which I’m starting early, btw) is to follow my passion and finally do this whole “wanting to be a writer” thing. 2020 is going to be the year that I make a serious go at it. I’ve been thinking about what type of writing I want to do, my audience and how I want to go about establishing my writing career as part of my healing process. I find myself being so drawn to the keyboard and brimming over with ideas on how I can help inspire others — especially those suffering from chronic illness like myself — find joy in living comfortably. I think that being sick for the last few months has given me the push that I’ve needed to get this dream off the ground. I realized that I’ve spent way too much time distracting myself with other things when I should have been writing. However, I’m hoping that these “distractions” have all been a clever, subconscious ruse to just build amazing content for future writing projects. Either way, I have a vision, a rough plan and a renewed sense of purpose. I think that this should be enough to get me through the first half of the new decade or so. 🙂

We’ll just have to wait and see…





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