Snowy Sunday!

I woke up to a bright new world this morning thanks to Winter Storm Gia. I had set my alarm to wake me up with plenty of time to get myself and the girls ready for church.  But once I looked out the window at all of the bright, white, fluffy powder that was accurately predicted for our area and now piled up against our new automatic gate, I decided to switch off the alarm and try to get a few more minutes of sleep. Unfortunately, my body refused to go back to sleep, so I spent about 15 minutes scrolling through my phone before getting up. At about 8 a.m. I made my way down to the kitchen (laundry basket in hand). Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, my gaze was drawn to the beautiful serenity of my backyard.


Everything was covered with a blanket of fresh white snow. The house was quiet (except for the not-so-soft meows coming from hungry kitty Twinkles), so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the falling snow. It doesn’t snow too much in our area compared to when we lived in Rhode Island, so I’m always in awe at the beauty of a fresh winter mid-Atlantic storm. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I tiptoed around my house (everyone else was still sleeping) and started my Sunday morning chores all the while enjoying the beginnings of a sleepy Sunday snow day.

Besides the beauty and peace that accompanies a winter storm, I particularly love snow storms that force us to remain bound inside for a day or two. It’s nice to just relax in front of the fireplace snuggled up under a blanket watching TV, catching up on some long overdue reading or watching the girls play Barbies or dolls on the family room floor. The soft glow of the Christmas tree (yes, we still have our tree up — we were gone for almost two weeks this holiday season, so I keep it up a little longer than most people) also helps to set the mood. And, since our house has such high ceilings (they are about 20 feet tall) and large windows, when it snows, it’s almost as if we’re trapped in our very own snow


globe. It’s truly a lovely experience and one that’s made me focus even more on what’s important to me and how fortunate I am to be able to sense all of the wonder of a snow storm — the visual beauty, the smell of new fallen snowflakes, the taste of the Frango mint coffee that I’m currently sipping, the quiet of a snowy Sunday morning and the soon-to-be touch of a cold shovel in my hand, as we will have to clear off our very long driveway before the day is over.

But, before we muster up the energy to bundle up the girls and drag ourselves outside for a shoveling-fest, I am going to spend some time baking snowball cookies and putting 20190113_081642

a soup in the crock pot for dinner. What is it about the snow that makes us want to cook and bake? It’s definitely instinctual, but also a great perk! I remember when we lived in North Providence, it was a given that during any snowstorm, Chrissy and Sean would come over to our house with Pasta Fagioli and maybe a board game in tow (Chrissy makes a delicious Pasta Fagioli!). We’d spend the evening eating, drinking and just enjoying one another’s company as the snow fell outside. We put the carbs from the soup and drinks to good work in the morning when we’d meet them outside for our own snow shoveling session. Some of my fondest memories from our house in North Providence include Chrissy, Sean, soup and storms. Oh, and random weekday dance parties. 🙂

Since I began today’s 750 word reflection, Taylor and the girls have roused from their winter slumbers and my coffee is on the brink of becoming too cold to drink. The snow is still gently falling around my Virginia snow globe and out of the corner of my eye, I can see that my To Do List is staring at me. I’m old-school and still keep my To Do list in a written planner. I do have a Google Calendar, too, so I’m not too much of a dinosaur. Time to put aside my winter daydream and meet the responsibilities of the day head-on. The question of the day (which has already been asked by Elyse) is: Will there be school tomorrow? A New Englander would answer with a resounding “Yes,” but here in the mid-Atlantic we take our snowstorms very seriously. Perhaps, I’ll get another chance to stay in the comfort of my snow globe for one more day…


Update: Since I wrote this post, school has been cancelled! Another day of snowy fun for us tomorrow!


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