Celebration Season

Celebration season is upon us and it’s no-holds-barred here in the Henshall household. This month alone, I have three showers — both of the baby and bridal varietal– to attend. I’ve also had a hand in planning two out of the three, so my creative cravings have definitely been satisfied. That’s probably why I am at a virtual loss (pun totally intended) this evening for any ponderables whatsoever. Throw a traveling husband into the mix (meaning three days of all-out daughter-duty for me this week), and by Thursday night, all of those Thirsty Thursday Facebook statuses complete with accompanying photos, are not totally lost on me. However, it was business as usual tonight with a homemade taco dinner, Piccadilly’s annual haircut (poor kitty) and Clara’s nightly bath. And once the girls are down for the night, I have a date with a sweet snack, a lengthy DVR list and the living room couch — ah, life in suburbia.

What I can update you on, DTT readers, is everything is status quo around here. Elyse, our now 14-month old, is growing like a weed and packing on the pounds. She’s crawling all over the house and getting into cabinets and other places that should be off-limits to her. Clara has been keeping herself busy, as well. At any given moment during the day, I am either laughing at one of her adorable utterances or throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation at something she’s done. Today, for instance, she decided to pour baby powder all over the cat. Sigh. And, although she is not potty-trained just yet, right before nap time yesterday, she did run to the bathroom, take off her diaper and sit on the potty. I think it was a ploy for some M&Ms, which she coincidentally did ask for as soon as she leapt off of the potty after only having sat on it for a millisecond or two. Back to the drawing board…

Although our calendar is filling up with the promise of newborns and nuptials, the party never really ends around here. Clara and Elyse have taught me that each day — even those filled with tears, spills and powdered kitties — is one to be celebrated. 

Until next week, dear readers, when I hope seven days of renewal will provide me with a sharper mind and some updated photos of the girls for you to enjoy. Party on!


One thought on “Celebration Season

  1. Jenn, I just saw this on Pinterest of course: put a few drops of red or blue food coloring in the toilet or Clara’s training potty, and when she uses it successfully the water in the bowl will change to orange or green. And THEN she can get her M&Ms reward! She has the going to/sitting on part figured out, now she just needs the next challenge — USING it and changing the water! It might be a good trick to keep in the arsenal…

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