Heavy Hearted Tonight

Seeing as I missed posting my weekly reflection last night (I’ve been feverishly working on a family Christmas project for the past few nights), I was planning on offering the next installment of My Favorite Things this evening. However, in light of today’s horrific tragedy in Connecticut, I am respectfully bowing out of this week’s reflection and, instead, spending the time that would otherwise be used for writing with my children. As a parent, the news of this afternoon’s school shooting really hit home for me and tonight, my thoughts and prayers are with those families whose children were taken from them too soon. My heart aches for those in pain. The only words of solace that I can think to offer at this time are focused on the fact that the sick individual who decided to take the lives of 27 innocent people today will never be able to hurt anyone else ever again. Dear readers, please hug your loved ones a little more tightly tonight and be well as we head into another week of wonder, fear and the great unknown…

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