Henshall Halloween 2012 Edition

In honor of Frightful Friday, I decided to spare you, dear readers, the long-winded prose I had been mentally preparing since earlier in the week and gift you with the following photos of my two little trick-or-treaters. Truth be told, this “gift” is more for me than you, as little Elyse has been working overtime in the I-think-I’m-going -to-go-back-to-waking-Mommy-up-multiple-times-per-night department. She hasn’t gotten me up this much since she was three or four months old. Hence, it’s been a very l-o-n-g week for me with lots of middle-of-the-night feedings and few hours of consistent sleep. Perhaps, I’ll get a chance to write a bit more this weekend with the extra hour being given back to us as we turn our clocks in the opposite direction (don’t forget!). But, if I don’t, please enjoy the pictures below and be sure to check back in next week for more Henshall happenings!

My first Halloween! Dressed as Mommy’s latest dessert obsession.

When Mommy and Daddy asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween, I said, “A clock!” My first homemade costume — a combination of two of my favorite things: butterflies and clocks.

Happy Halloween from the Henshall ladies!


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