Lesson Learned from Month Nine of Parenting Two: Nary a Sick Day One Taketh

It all started with an annoying sore throat on Tuesday. I immediately dismissed it as a result of being overtired, as Elyse, our now nine-month old, has been working overtime in the must-wake-up-every-night-one-if-not-two-times department for the last four weeks. When Wednesday morning dawned and the aching in my throat was still there, again, I tried to ignore it But, … Continue reading

Henshall Halloween 2012 Edition

In honor of Frightful Friday, I decided to spare you, dear readers, the long-winded prose I had been mentally preparing since earlier in the week and gift you with the following photos of my two little trick-or-treaters. Truth be told, this “gift” is more for me than you, as little Elyse has been working overtime in the I-think-I’m-going -to-go-back-to-waking-Mommy-up-multiple-times-per-night … Continue reading