Six Months Old!

Six months ago today, Elyse joined our family. As I sit here trying my best to get in a little quality writing time (its been harder and harder to with each passing week this summer), Clara is bouncing around the living room while Taylor helps Elyse practice her latest challenge: rolling over. In her role as the ever-protective and loving big sister, Clara periodically visits me at the computer to update me on Elyse’s progress: “She does a good job wolling, Mommy. Yeah, she does a good job.”

As I have a brain chock full of thoughts and only a few fleeting moments to transfer them to my home on cyberspace, I’ve decided to post a quick update and a photo or two to hold you over until I get more time to write about lessons learned during Elyse’s sixth month of life. So, alas, dear readers, another tardy post to add to the ever-burgeoning collection. As the lazy days of summer come to an end, I’m looking forward to the structure and predictability of the autumn months ahead. Although I’ll miss nursing Elyse poolside and enjoying a glass of wine on the comfy porch chairs, I won’t miss maintaining the yard, keeping the pool shed tidy and all of the other outdoor chores that accompany homeownership.

So, dear readers, as with each passing month, I present to you, Elyse’s six month photo.

Six months old already!

As usual, Elyse was very cooperative. Clara, on the other hand, didn’t want to wait for her turn and insisted on having her picture taken right away. But, when it came time for the “say cheese,” she wanted nothing to do with the impromptu photo shoot. Ah, to be a two-year-old again…

TIme to pout.

Oh look, Daddy’s home. Time to smile! (She moved so fast when Taylor walked through the door, the picture was blurred.)

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