Just Cheez-It — A Collection of Random Thoughts and Other Musings

NOTE: I started writing this post on Thursday evening and never got a chance to finish it until just now.

Ha! It’s just past 11:30 p.m. and I’ve just finished stuffing my face with some yummy Cheez-Its (reduced fat, of course). I don’t know why I even devoured as many handfuls as I did — I was just craving salt and saw the familiar red box calling my name. Hmpf. After eating one too many spoonfuls of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough earlier this evening, the Cheez-Its just hit the spot. The salty-sweet duo wins a triumphant battle over my willpower yet again. It’s a good thing that I”m still nursing Elyse; those extra 400 calories or so that I burn per day serving as her main food supply really do get used up on these oh-so-yummy sweet-salty indulgences.

But, of course, I digress. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying all day to think of a theme for today’s DTT reflection. If you haven’t caught on to it already, my weekly thought is often inspired by something that occurred during the course of the day’s events. Today was a rather typical day, minus the fact that Taylor was on vacation. Since we got to spend the day together, we took full advantage of it — we swam in the pool, ate dinner al fresco and put aside the To Do lists in favor of  some quality family time. The weather was a beautiful reminder of the fall days ahead — crisp, dry and sunny. As we sat on the deck enjoying a dinner of corn on the cob, shepherd’s salad made with fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers and marinated pork cutlets, I sipped a glass of wine, took a deep breath of the late-summer air, and thought to myself, “This is the life.” Cliche, I know, but oh so true.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was commenting on how our fall calendar is quickly filling up. Already, a majority of our weekends are promised to one event or another. Even though I am a Type A all the way, sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the plans (even those that I make). I often complain that we rarely have a free weekend to catch up on those chores that I just don’t get a chance to tackle during the week. Being his fun-loving, care-free self, my dear husband informed me that making plans and hanging out with family and friends is what life is all about. He philosophy (one of his many) is that you work hard to be productive member of society so that you can surround yourself with loved ones during your leisure time. Well, after he put it that way, I felt rather silly for getting flustered over all of the upcoming plans.

I find that I keep having to remind myself that little things like the laundry and cleaning always end up getting done — even if not on the day I originally had intended. I know I’ve written about learning to favor spontaneity over routine quite a bit this summer and I’m hoping that I can continue along this line of thinking into the fall and winter months. I would much rather play with my daughters than clean my house; thus, we’ve hired housekeepers. Same thing goes for the yard. Instead of spending time mowing the lawn and wacking the weeds, we’ve hired landscapers. And the best purchase we ever made was the robot vacuum we bought for the pool a few summers ago. All of these things are intended to help us get the most out of our free time. 

As the warm August days turn into the cool nights characteristic of late summer, I can’t help but get excited about the months ahead. Sure, our calendar is pretty much booked to the brim up through the end of this year, but I’m looking forward to all of the plans we have and the people we’ll see. A year ago at this time I was gearing up to begin my IVIG treatments, which began right before Halloween. But this year, instead of teaching and infusions, my autumn days will be filled with story time at the library, music class, and the plethora of arts and crafts projects that I have in mind. 

The cool, crisp air has invigorated me — look for more timely reflections (I think I’ve been a little too spontaneous this summer!), photos of my girls and recaps of the activities and trips that will be keeping the Henshall family occupied up through the end of yet another calendar year…

BTW, I did leave a few Cheez-Its to keep me fueled up for this week’s all new installment of DTT. :0)


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