A Night Off from the Norm

An impromptu dance party took place in my living room tonight. It all started with an innocent game of ladder ball earlier this evening and ended with the bass cranking and four grown adults, a toddler and an infant jamming out to some rocking tunes. When I woke up this morning (or rather when Elyse started stirring a little after 6 a.m.), I thought I knew exactly how the day was going to unfold: Early morning workout, music class with the girls, lunch with our dear friends and favorite mid-westerners Jesse, Jill and Joey, afternoon shopping with Jill and then an evening filled with laundry and chores. All was checked off of my list up until the evening.

After Jesse and Jill left for dinner, I joined Taylor, Sean and Chrissy outside for a little rest and relaxation. I decided, “What the heck? The laundry can wait and I can postpone Part II of my workout until tomorrow.” So, after watering my plants, I partnered up with Chrissy and we took on the boys in a fierce — okay, maybe not fierce, but slightly heated — game of ladder ball, not one of my best games, btw. Just as the boys were closing in on their win, Elyse woke up from her nap and needed to be fed. Before I knew it, I had a mudslide in my hand, my adorable baby girl in my lap and a plateful of pasta salad in front of me to enjoy. After getting our fill of food and drink, we decided to move the party indoors. Taylor turned up the stereo while I put away the last of the dinner dishes. With Chrissy and Sean leading the way, the dance party began. Clara ran back and forth between her daddy and her favorite chair. Sean swung Chrissy around our makeshift dance floor and I performed a few trademark dance moves while drying the last of the dishes and wiping off the counters. 

Around 9:45 p.m., Chrissy and Sean retired to their apartment next door as Taylor pulled the girls and I into a group dance. With Clara holding our hands and Elyse on my hip, the four of us sang and swayed to The Lumineers’ hit Ho Hey. If my neighbors were to look in the window at that very moment they would have witnessed quite a sight — two proud parents complete with silly grins serenading their daughters with the chorus: “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.” It was in this very carefree and spontaneous moment that I let go of my everyday self and embraced that which was right in front of me. Knowing that this moment was fleeting, I was conscious of every breath and savored each second before it was gone. When the song ended, I felt energized and renewed. Sure, the laundry didn’t get done tonight and now I’m a little behind on my chores. But, we made a memory that I know will get me through those times when the more mundane blinds me from what’s really important — impromptu games of ladder ball, good food with great friends and swaying to the melody with those you love. Thank you, Chrissy and Sean for reminding me of that it’s okay to throw my To Do list to the side for one night and allow myself to enjoy the fruits that those chores produce. BTW, I don’t think we ever finished our ladder ball game — does anyone remember the score?

NOTE: I have two unfinished reflections (also on the To Do list) to post. As the lazy days of summer are now upon us, it may take a bit more time to finish them, but they will make their way onto the site sometime before the fall. Thanks for your patience and for keeping tabs on our very busy lives! 

2 thoughts on “A Night Off from the Norm

  1. To our Magician! I loved this entry. And we love that you’re savoring the special moments. Don’t ever pass up a chance to be silly, be spontaneous and just be with the ones you love the most. It all goes by so quickly, Jenn. Make the most of every single second. A lot of dust balls and dirty laundry are usually the signs of a very happy home!!!! Love you all.

  2. To our Magician — I loved this entry! And we love that you know how important it is to be silly, be spontaneous or just be with the ones you love the most. Don’t lose that! It goes by so quickly, Jenn! Savor every second. Love you all. R&L

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