Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Two sleeping babies + a cup of hot chai = blogging fun! Good Friday afternoon (yes, pun intended), DTT readers! It’s 3:31 p.m. and I know where my children are: Clara is napping up in her big girl bed (more on that in a minute) and Elyse is passed out on her boppy pillow just a mere 15 feet away from me. The only thing standing in between me and the completion of this blog post is the little black cat who is vying for my attention (and by vying I mean pacing back and forth in front of the computer screen) now that the girls are asleep. Did I mention that I never get any time to myself??


Spring sprung quite early in New England this year and even though I’ve been holed up in the house for the better part of the last six weeks, I’ve still managed to enjoy the sun and sights of our newest season from the comforts of my house. Although I am getting a bit stir crazy, I know that they’ll be plenty of time to soak up the nice weather once the yard is cleaned, the pool is open and Elyse is a little older. For now, I’m content making my infamous “To Do” lists (sorry, Taylor, I do have some projects with your name on them)  and planning  out how to get said projects done. Rest assured, when I’m not changing diapers or feeding and playing with the

Playtime with Clara and Elyse

girls, I do manage to get a closet or two organized on the fly. And little by little, I am starting to make a dent in my “inside the house” To Do list. The outside list is another story, however. In addition to the painting and organizing projects that I’ve outlined, I also have a couple of Clara projects to tackle — painting and setting up her new butterfly bedroom and potty training are among the few. Thankfully, last week, she helped me tackle a task that I had put aside for this summer — sleeping in a “big girl” bed. Since Elyse will probably be sleeping in our room for a couple of more months, I was in no rush to kick Clara out of her crib. However, she decided that she’d had enough of sleeping in her beechwood prison (a.k.a. her crib) and wanted to catch her Zs in the full-sized bed in the spare bedroom, or what will eventually become her new room, instead. So for about a week now, she’s been sleeping quite comfortably in the bed during her naps and at night. Whew. I hope one day she suddenly decides to trade her diapers for some “big girl” underwear. One can dream, can’t they?

Like most of you, I find that the warmer temperatures, sounds of the birds chirping, the sight of the blossoms that decorate the trees and the promise of summer to be extremely invigorating, particularly when it comes to getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new. Not only do I have plans to make-over my house and yard, but I also feel the need to make-over my soul (and, yes, as a teen in the 90s, I am giving a nod to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless here). It was almost a year ago that Taylor and I decided to start trying for our second NAIT baby, and in that time, I feel as if I’ve run the gamut of the emotional spectrum. From time to time, I take a peek back at my posts from the late fall and early winter as a way to gauge just how far I’ve come. Back then, I felt anxious and weary, but today, I’m feeling much more happy and content. It seems like eons ago that I was cautiously expecting, as today, I’m optimistically thriving. Back then, I felt weak and vulnerable and today I’m feeling strong and infallible. Trust me, I’ve never felt as sure about myself, my marriage and my children as I do at this very moment. I think challenging myself to carry a NAIT baby, get treatments and endure months of worry and stress, has given me this strange sense of invincibility. Believe me, by no means am I Super Woman or Super Mom, but I can definitely relate more to a super heroine than ever before. Strange, I know.

I plan on riding this wave of euphoria and strength for as long as it takes me — I’m hoping the shore isn’t too far up ahead. I know that over time, other obstacles and challenges will threaten my current emotional state, but in the meantime, I plan on doing all that I can to keep my psyche, as well as my soul, in check. Now that I’ve been given the green light from my doctor to resume all normal activities, I am going to go back to yoga. And once I’m done taking the prednisone — yes, almost two months later, I’m still weaning from this stuff — I would like to make an appointment with a homeopathic physician, as I plan on detoxing myself. After being exposed to the blood of thousands of donors during my 33 IVIG treatments, I feel rather unclean. In fact, when the Rhode Island Blood Center screened the bag of blood that I donated for Elyse, and later took back for my anemic self, it found antibodies against Hep B and the Human T-Cell virus. These are false positive results brought on the IVIG — I don’t actually have these conditions. But, now that the IVIG treatments are over, the prednisone is slowly working its way out of my system and I’m almost completely recovered from my c-section, it’s time to take back control of my body, as well as my soul. It’s time to spring clean myself!

As part of my “Self Spring Cleaning” regimen, I’ve been storing up lots of blog post ideas (it’s amazing how much soul-searching you can accomplish in the shower, at 3 in the morning, on the treadmill), so don’t be surprised to see some random ramblings on one thing or another as the weeks and months roll on. Don’t worry, I’ll still keep you updated on Clara and Elyse — the real stars of this blog. :0)

Perhaps, Clara can help me out with some of the baking...

Well, it appears that blogging time is up for today. The tea has been drained from my favorite Lake Tahoe coffee mug and Elyse is starting to fuss. It’s time for me to tend to her and bake several dozen cookies for this weekend’s Easter festivities. I wish all of you the happiest of holiday weekends — whether you’re celebrating Easter or Passover. I’m looking forward to seeing Clara’s face when she wakes up on Easter morning to find the basket that’s been left and the egg hunt that awaits. Tonight we’ll watch It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown and color (with crayons) Easter eggs. Ah, I love this time of year — a time of new life and new beginnings — especially for the Henshall family.

Clara kissing "Baby Elyse," as she calls her.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for the Soul

  1. I want to tell you and Taylor how proud I am of you. My favorite emails are yours. I so enjoy them. They make me nostalgic for my days a s a mother and of the joy I hade along with their father, who was just wonderful in the Dad Dept. I admire how much you get done, so keep up the good work. Love you, Joanie

  2. Love to you all. It was wonderful to see Taylor and Clara last weekend, what an amazing father he has become. Hard to think of him in college and the man he has grown in to. Wishing you a wonderful holiday, and a great time at home with your girls. It goes so fast, and is so much sweeter with the second, because you realize the joy you are bringing to the older sibling by being home for a few months 🙂 XOXO.

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