Hell Week Revival

Good evening and Happy Thursday! First thing’s first: A shout out to all of you, dear readers. Thanks to all of your support and weekly visits, the Deep Thought Thursdays blog hit the 1,000 views mark last week and is quickly zeroing in on 1,100 views as of today. So, thank you so much for reading each week! *Insert Clara’s energetic “Boo-ya!” (as learned from Daddy, of course) here.*

Week 34 is now upon us and all is still well with baby girl. :0) I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday and the little lady is measuring right on track at 34cm with a heartbeat in the 130s. Hopefully, she’s not getting too comfortable in there because she’s being evicted in just over two weeks! As I get nearer and nearer to the finish line of this marathon of a pregnancy, I find myself becoming more and more excited to meet the little wonder that’s been occupying my thoughts, time and body for the better part of the last eight months. Believe me, I do have my moments of anxiety and worry (one being the fact that I haven’t gained any weight in just about a month — I know, poor me — despite my gallant attempts to bump up my caloric intake with the two half gallons of Eddy’s ice cream I bought at the store on Tuesday), but they are getting fewer and far between. I am proud to say that the double stroller is set-up and ready to go, baby girl’s wardrobe from newborn up through three months has been laundered and put away and the house is almost ready for her arrival. Not too shabby for an expectant NAIT mom.

So, you’re probably asking yourself: If the news has been good and if everything’s going smoothly, why the ominous post title? Well, yesterday, I was able to steal a few minutes of much-needed rest on the couch while Clara busied herself with her toys. During that time, I did what any mulitasker and mother would do and that’s make a mental list of what I need to accomplish in the next two weeks. It was during this mental exercise, I realized that at this point in the pregnancy, the remaining couple of weeks kind of remind of college hell week. Ah, hell week, that dreaded five-day period at the end of the semester when all of your papers and projects are, of course, due at the same time and you have exactly one day between hell week and finals week to get yourself geared up for some major cramming, er, studying. Every college student dreads hell week (Is it even still called that?? I’m dating myself now…). It’s the reason why when you get your syllabus on the first day of the semester, you skip ahead to the end to see when your own personal hell week is slated to begin. The only good thing about hell week is that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel — the end of another college semester, or better yet, academic year. I remember how stressful that much-despised week was as an undergraduate and how reassuring it felt to turn in that final project or paper knowing that the end was in sight. Same holds true for this pregnancy. It’s been a long haul these past eight months, but all I need is enough energy and strength to make it through the last couple of weeks. And, between all of my doctor’s appointments, my four remaining IVIG treatments and the last few items left on both my newborn and NAIT to do lists, these next 14 days or so are going to fly by. And, I couldn’t be happier. It’s funny how time can play tricks on you. One minute you are that college undergraduate in the midst of his/her first freshman year hell week and in the next you are a 30-something year-old mother who looks back fondly on those stressful times with a bit sadness and a great big smile.

As I gear up for the remaining weeks, I can’t help but think of something that my yoga teacher stated on Tuesday night while we were contorted up in a pose that caused our triceps to burn with heat (her term). As we were all standing there trying to focus on our breathing instead of the searing pain in our upper arms, she said, “It’s your mind telling you that you can’t do it, not your muscles.” Ah, yes, the old mind over matter argument, only this time in reverse. But, she was right — once I turned off my mind’s resistance to the pose, I was able to easily complete the remaining few breaths. Sorry, brain, but I think I’m going to try to spend the next couple of weeks as every yogi should — listening to my body and its limitations rather than your incessant chatter. It’s been fun focusing on the more logical side of this experience, but now it’s time to celebrate the moments yet to come.

Week 34  is quickly drawing to a close. I had my last treatment for the week today (#29 out of 33, if you’re still counting), and it looks as if there may be some snow in the weekend forecast. I hoping that we get one good bout of snow before the baby is born so Taylor and I can take Clara out to play. I’m finding that as the days fade away, I have such a strong desire to spend as much quality time as possible while we’re still a family of three. When a big change is on the horizon, I tend to focus on making sure that I take advantage of life “as is” while I’m still in the moment. For now, that means showering Clara with as much attention as possible, taking care of myself, stealing some rest and/or time with a book whenever possible and enjoying my remaining nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Although my new version of “hell week” isn’t filled with papers and group projects anymore, it still exists. But, all that really stands between the here and now and the moment I get to meet my new daughter are 14 days of tasks with copious amounts of “life as usual” moments mixed in…

34 weeks, baby!

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