Introducing Deep Thought Thursdays!

After many months of waiting and anticipation, I’ve decided that it’s finally time to release my newest blog: Deep Thought Thursdays. And seeing as it’s the Thursday before my first IVIG infusion, I couldn’t think of a better time to get things rolling. So, welcome! I actually bought the url for the site in the spring, before getting pregnant, so it’s been lying dormant for quite some time. But, now I’m ready to get all of the crazy thoughts that I’ve had and am having surrounding this pregnancy out in the open. So, watch out! :0)

In case you’re wondering, here’s how things will work: Every Thursday I’m going to release that week’s “deep thought” — reflections on previous experiences, this pregnancy, and any other looming thoughts or questions that I’ve been pondering during the week. On the off days, I may also throw out a shorter post or two — depending on how and if the mood strikes. This week is just an orientation, so my first big reflection won’t be until next week. But, seeing as my first infusion is this Saturday, October 29th, I’ll more than likely have a thing or two to say about this experience before the week is out.

So, I apologize for my lack of creativity this week, but it’s about time for me to shut the laptop off and get to bed. I have an early day tomorrow (student speeches commencing at 8 a.m. in Bridgewater), so I must go and get some rest. However, I will leave you with my current state of mind regarding Saturday’s infusion: I’m anxious, scared, overwhelmed and just a wee bit excited. The anxiety and fear come from never having had an IVIG infusion before. (Sidebar: For those of you who don’t know what an IVIG infusion entails, it’s basically involves me being hooked up to a IV drip of immunoglobulin for anywhere from 4-6 hours. More on that later.) And the excitement is a result of having come so far in this pregnancy. Also, I’m feeling as if I’m finally able to do something proactive to ensure that my baby makes a safe arrival into this world in February.

I’m excited that this blog will enable me to chronicle,which will more than likely be, my last pregnancy. I’m hoping to turn some of this material into a book in the future and would appreciate any and all comments. Now off to drink the remaining few ounces of my water quota for the day. Must hydrate in order to prepare for Saturday’s big event!

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